In ‘Professor,’ Johnny Depp performs interesting one-man show


Johnny Depp, usually known for his flamboyant and oddball characters, returns to the big screen with the comedy-drama “The Professor.” Only this time, he appears without makeup and fancy costumes to play a privileged middle-aged academic who makes a new start in life as he approaches the end of it. He is dying, and his days are numbered.

The movie written and directed by Wayne Roberts tells the story of Richard Brown (Johnny Depp) ― an English professor ― diagnosed with stage-four lung cancer. He would have a year-and-a-half left to live if he chooses to receive treatment. If not, he will die within a year. He chooses to live the last days of life to the fullest with no treatment.

He plans to break the news to his family at dinner but this fails as other family members have their own secrets to share, despite that his is the saddest.

His daughter Olivia ― played by Odessa Young ― comes out of the closet, and his wife Veronica ― played by Rosemarie DeWitt ― nonchalantly confesses she is having an affair with Richard’s boss who he despises. Caught in the whirlwind of shocking news, Richard decides to keep the news to himself instead, to free himself to “do things very differently.”

Richard says goodbye to the guidelines and pretending his life has no issuesbefore bidding good-bye to his lifestyles. He starts with disregarding the students in his class who have no interest in literature, then actionsdirectly to smoking marijuana with them at the faculty lawn and starting to explore intercourse freely.

The film keeps with funny moments via Depp’s rakish and sarcastic character.

The film isn’t always overly sentimental and portrays a less cliched story of a person dealing with mortality and pronouncing good-bye to his surroundingsbut at the identical time, it gives moments of warmthat the leastuntil it becomes a melodrama with a much less-convincing “seize the day” lecture.

through using the metaphor of dwelling lifestyles as writing a story, Richard tells students to make it a significant and readable one. a few may find themselves announcing “Is that it?” as one in all his students asks within the filmwhen he “vomits out,” as he rateswords of understanding to the elegance.

no matter the film‘s try and draw “lifeless Poets Society” moments with lifeclasses for his college students, the large speech fails to be thoughtprovoking sufficient to initiate an “aha” reaction from the audiences.

normalit is interesting to see Depp gambling a “normal” man or woman with a bare face and sensitiveperformances with the blended emotions that accompany going through demise, and with the message to make our last moments be counted.

however the film seems to fail in elaborating on a number of the potentially thrilling elements or evencontradicting itself by means of attempting to supply an inspirational message through Richard’s reckless abandon.

The helping roles played by using Zoey Deutch and Danny Huston seem to have been undermined, and did no longer leave an affect. Deutch’s man or woman Claire, considered one of Richard’s college studentssticks outfrom the rest of the class and fast builds intimacy with Richard.

Their midnight hangout leads him to proportion his imminent dying for the primary time after telling his lengthy-time palhowever the connection among the 2 stops there and leaves the audiences questioning what exactly her function turned into. The film sends a message that lifestyles is just too short to be mediocre, yetparadoxically it ends up being mediocre itself.

The film is scheduled to hit neighborhood theaters Aug. 15.

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